"I found Someday Jewels by chance and started watching her live jewelry shows on Sundays. I purchased a few items from her and had wonderful purchase experiences. I found Monica to be a highly professional businesswoman, accountable for her products and brand, fair on her pricing, and just an absolute joy to spend time with. She has built a community around her who supports not only her but each other as well.

Selling isn't just a 'hobby' for Monica but a career she is passionate about, further seen by the care she put into creating and launching her own jewelry line. With that said, it was without pause or hesitation that I was completely comfortable in purchasing a piece from Monica that was an heirloom/investment ring. While it was a lot of money, I knew I was in the right hands. So instead of worrying, 'Am I being ripped off,' I was able just to be excited and giddy about receiving the package. And she once again did not disappoint! I'd be happy to speak to anyone if it puts your mind at ease because, after all, the jewels pick us, and hesitation should not stand in your way." – Erin

"Monica at Someday Jewels is wonderful. Not only does she have beautiful pieces at good prices, but she's also a charming and kind person to work with." – Judith

"I’ve loved every piece I’ve purchased from Someday Jewels. They’re OOAK, stunning, and beautiful. It’s a testament to Monica’s impeccable taste and enviable treasure-hunting skills." – Jen

"I would definitely recommend purchasing from Someday Jewels!  Not only was the ring I bought more beautiful than I remembered, but she was kind enough to send the ring twice when it got lost in the mail." – Caley

"I've purchased many pieces of jewelry from Someday Jewels.  Everything has exceeded my expectations in quality, while also keeping prices reasonable. Monica is a joy to deal with, she has exceptional customer service standards. I would never hesitate to recommend purchasing from Someday Jewels." – Kim

"I stumbled upon Someday Jewels’ Instagram lives after seeing an ad pop up in my feed. I’m still not sure how the algorithm chose me, since prior to seeing this I was not necessarily “into” jewelry (though perhaps it knows my love of antiques), but the ad intrigued me so I tuned in. While watching my first live, Monica explained so much about each piece, its history, why it was special to her and why she chose it, and the community of people watching and commenting were so kind and interesting. I was hooked! I have learned SO much about jewelry because of Monica, and I have purchased several pieces from her that I cherish dearly. She sources beautiful, high-quality pieces, manages her business with integrity beyond measure, and goes above and beyond for her customers. I highly recommend Someday Jewels to anyone and everyone looking for unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere else from a business you can trust." – Emily

"I've had only the best experience with Someday Jewels. The pieces are exceptional and unique and wonderful customer service! I love my jade earrings, Victorian chain, jade pendant, and beautiful citrine ring." – Lauren

"Monica’s customer service, attention to detail, and unmatched style made my obsession with her services a no brainer. She’s helped me choose and ship personalized gifts for friends, worked with me on obtaining Bucket List items, and never fails to bring in the most exciting and well-priced inventory I’ve seen. Highly recommend!" – Katie

"Someday Jewels is the best. I never thought I would have a real piece of gold or diamond in my life, at least until marriage. The fact that she works with you on the payments as well, and sets up payment plans, makes me even more excited every time it’s live day, because I know I’ll be able to afford the beautiful jewelry she shows off and I know it’s authentic." – Mimi

"I personally have not purchased anything yet because I am very picky with my jewelry and wear a lot of silver, but I love jewelry and love seeing all the amazing pieces Monica is selling. She is so sweet and and is very accommodating, as well as informative. You can tell that she truly is passionate about this and wants to make her customers happy and decked-out in jewels. I cannot wait to purchase some amazing pieces in the future and continue to drool over all the amazing items!" – Abby

"I have snagged a beautiful 14k solid gold ring with .50 CTW of natural diamonds and a gorgeous little emerald ring from Monica's incredible collection for an excellent price. Monica always has such a beautiful, unique, and curated collection of jewelry. I love her attention to detail and stacking ideas! Monica is also so helpful and patient with inquiries and requests. I love checking out her new stuff and live sales!" – Niahm

"Working with Monica is a dream! Her pieces are so well priced. I buy with confidence." – Pat G.

"I really enjoy buying from Monica. She’s extremely professional and always goes above and beyond with her customer service. My jewels arrive safely and beautifully wrapped. Her sizing service is on-point and she’ll look out for that special piece if you’re looking for something specific. It’s been an amazing experience! Thank you!" – Rebecca


"Not only does Monica have gorgeous, one-of-a-kind jewelry at reasonable prices, to all that she adds an invaluable personal touch – working with you to find that special piece you’ve been looking for." – Jennifer